Triple Poker Hold'em Poker

Play with two dealers and go for 50 to 1 jackpot at the Platinum Play Casino.

Platinum Casino is pleased to announce the launch of a completely new casino offering poker, which breaks the player into two hands of the dealer and gives a chance to win up to 50 times. bet. This innovative board game gives hours of absorbing and potentially useful poker action, and it's called: TRIPLE POCKET HOLD'EM POKER.

The new game brings together some of the best casino activities available on the Internet today in the prestigious Gold Series of board games. The player's goal is to beat the dealer's two hands in a - one-decker card game with a deck that has advanced graphics and sound effects corresponding to a complex offering of this quality. The player is handed out the first set of pocket cards which he then can decide to retain or refuse. 

If you discard pocket cards, they will be awarded to the dealer. The player has two options to choose his favorite pocket card set with each discarded set assigned to the dealer. Then the player is forced to "hold" the third and last set.

When the right cards are held, you can get the maximum payout of 50: 1 on the ante bet. Other rules include: The player has the ability to reset the 1st and 2nd set of pocket cards. There is no bet bet after a flop turn, or a river hand. The player must beat both hands of the dealer. The winners of the awarded awards are dictated by the payment table. Equivalent hands constitute a draw that leads to a jerk.

All winning hands pay 1: 1, except for bonus payments, which are calculated according to the following table: Royal Flush - 50: 1 Straight Flush - 20: 1 Four of a Kind: 10: 1 Full House: 4: 1 Flush: 2: 1

With a wide betting range from 1.00 to 200.00 and a maximum win of 8,200.00, this new card game Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker is a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, making it an ideal poker game for beginners and experienced players.

Frau Gley (Verkaufsagentin)

Patricia Gley ist am 29. März 1973 im Val d'Ajol geboren. Sie hat am 12. September 1992 Christophe geheiratet, der eine militärische Karriere eingeschlagen hat. Drei Kinder sind unterdessen geboren worden:

- Justine, geboren am 2. Januar 1994
- Alexi, geboren am 22. Januar 1996
- Dann, geboren am 10. März, 1998

Patricia und ihre kleine Familie wohnen bereits über 4 Jahre in Val d'Ajol. Die Kinder profitieren in vollem Umfang von der wundervollen Umgebung. Sie verbringen ihre Schulzeit in Einrichtungen, in denen Sie vom Kindergarten bis zur Matur begleitet werden.
Zahlreiche sportliche Aktivitäten stehen uns im Tal zur Verfügung: Die Kinder können Schwimmen, Fussball oder Tennis spielen, sowie im Winter Langlaufen.
Ein ideal idyllischer Ort, um unsere Kinder aufwachsen zu sehen!

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